There are three easy steps that you can follow to support me in my missions journey.
I am excited for the future with your partnership!

1 First and foremost is praying. Pray about everything imaginable, related to the work I am doing and will continue to do. Pray for the safety of myself and the teams I am a part of. Pray for the lives of the people we will be impacting both directly and indirectly with the work God is doing through us.

If you are interested in being a dedicated prayer warrior for me, please sign up for my newsletters. There is an option to become a prayer warrior on my team!

2 Next, I am asking that you share with me and share about me. I want to hear from you, I definitely still want to be connected while I am in the field. So, please, share with me! Share your thoughts, prayers, concerns, complaints, and praises! In regards to sharing about me, networking for support raising is one of the hardest things to do when you are on location doing missions. If you are really dedicated to helping with this, I would love your support by simply sharing with your friends about me.

You can start by following my facebook page and sharing posts from there. If you are interested in more about how you can share about me, please let me know!

3 Finally, I want you to consider donating financial support. This is a huge factor in how far I can go, how long I can stay, and what I can contribute to while I am on the mission. For more information on how to contribute financially, please visit the linked button below to learn to donate now.