Giving Directly To Me

I am happy to take donations directly, be it cash or check, and even options like Facebook messenger payments. Donations that are made directly can be much more discreet, usually without any fee so I get the full sum of what you give, and more readily available to me. If you’d like to become a partner in God’s mission for me, please contact me directly by whatever means you have to do- such as Facebook messenger, call, text, e-mail, or even my contact form on this site. Upon connection, we can determine arrangements of how you can donate directly. If you want a more indirect and public method of contributing, then GoFundMe is probably for you!

Sending Directly To UofN

Unfortunately, sending gifts directly to University of Nations is not a recommended option, and it would not make donating tax deductible. The following is a direct quote from their site.

Gifts to students in YWAM training programs, including the Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS), are not tax deductible in the USA. Please give directly to the individual you would like to support.