Friends and Affiliates

(this page is still a work in progress)

It’s always good to have connections. These are some of my friends and affiliates that are also in the missions field both locally (to my home state) and globally. Be sure to check them out!

Missions Champions Sword & Shield

Missions Champions is all about sharing stories from missionaries. The unique element of Missions Champions is offering stories from anonymous missionaries. Sometimes missionaries are in a field where it could be illegal, and even deadly, to teach Christianity. The Missions Champions project makes it possible for their stories to be known.

Faithful Envoy

Faithful Envoy is a nonprofit that exists to fight human trafficking in Iowa, US and beyond. Their main efforts take place in prevention and restoration. They educate the public by hosting conferences and distributing literature at community events. They also have prayer groups with those who have been rescued and are living in safety homes. If you are an organization or individual who fights human trafficking, they would love to partner with you and support you financially via fundraising events.

Heart Stir Ministries

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