Quick Update 2018/12/04

Howdy Folks,

I feel it’s appropriate to do a quick update on what is happening here on my end of the world.

First and foremost, God is on the move!! Just throwing that out there. More details to come as things unfold.

I know I have not followed up with the part two of Many Reasons For Thanks & Giving post. There have been a few setbacks on things related to the post itself. Once they’re settled I’m definitely going to be sharing it with you. All about getting my “ducks in a row” before publishing.

Lately, I have been busy and also doing my best to do nothing. This may sound silly but I have still been rather sick, despite it I am pushing through to keep working on what I need to do and resting as much as possible. Working through it has caught up with me, as one of the side effects of being sick is “running into walls” where my energy just drops drastically. I push through nonetheless and I have to stop that. Again, it has caught up with me. Thankfully I have some time off from work and events this next week (and into next week) to finally rest and hopefully recover.

But yes, a lot of things happening here behind the scenes that I’m not talking a whole ton about (yet). Many good, a few things are hard but I am working through them.

In the end, and to begin with, I am so grateful to God for all he is doing in my life. God is truly on the move! I continue to praise him for that.

Love you all,

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