Many Reasons For Thanks & Giving! (Thanks)

Before we move into what will be an exciting post, I have a few things I want to open with. I apologize for what has essentially been radio silence on my end lately. I have been overwhelmed, many times in a good way, with everything that is going on. I have been sick, physically miserably ill, for a few weeks now and despite this I have continued to do what I can to stay active with work and life events. I have been preoccupied with gratitude & worship for what good has been happening in my life. I also now have a recently developed relationship.

In light of all that, – I need to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has been supporting me with your friendship, prayers, and gifts as I am on this crazy train called life. I am so grateful and I would not be here without you.

Speaking of that crazy train, please find your seat as we now look back at the caboose and later look forward to see where the tracks are headed…

“‘Tis the season” they say, for being grateful of what you have and giving what you can, then being grateful for what you are given. This rings ever so true for me this last few weeks and I intend to continue through the next several weeks with that attitude.

I have a wonderful announcement that I am extremely grateful to be able to share. I have been accepted into the Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School program, starting this April 2019 with a focus on the Homes of Hope ministry. I can hardly believe it and I have been praising God since. This is the beginning of a childhood dream come true. Being a missionary was something I used to tell people I wanted to be when I grew up. Knowing it is actually coming to fruition now- I am as ecstatic as I am overwhelmed.

There have been more reasons to be grateful in my life and it is in the ways God has shown up in the most absurd but powerful ways.

This Halloween I was able to attend a concert rather than working it. Though I did find I am near constantly in the mentality of working at a concert now, I accept that. One of the performers was someone I met through my time at Wildwood and stayed in contact with him. He invited me and it was really cool to be a part of the experience, especially to have a healthy way to spend the holiday. By the end of the night, I had introduced myself to a few people. One of those few has become a new best friend in life. She too is becoming a missionary and it was incredible to be able to share where life was taking us and revel in how we connected in so many ways. I am so excited to see where God takes us next in our lives together.

A few days later was a rather awful day, but I have found God’s provision in the aftermath of it all. To begin, I got really sick while at work. Then on my way home, my van broke down. I ended up leaving it in a not-so-great parking lot on the edge of Des Moines. I contacted the property manager and they were extremely grateful I did, they worked with me on the deadline to get the van moved and accepted the problems I had, they didn’t trouble me over them.

After getting home I first contacted one of my mechanic buddies that I have known for what seems a lifetime. He told me he would try to take a look at the van but until we got it fixed I could borrow his extra vehicle. I cannot be more grateful for his support by loaning me a vehicle that allowed me to keep working. Well after doing some work on it, the van is now retired and has drove it’s final miles.

Where does this go from here? As one of my dear teachers says “Gratitude is the attitude”. With all this acceptance, how can I not be thankful? It would be conceited of me to think that I deserved any of the graciousness, time, energy, faith, and love that was poured out on me through these stories. Quite the opposite in fact, I sometimes feel like I am unworthy and I have no idea what I can do to repay the acceptance. The answer is right in front of me though, being grateful. Having gratitude and sharing that gratitude to those around me.

Now, you are probably trying to figure out what I am getting at or if there is even an end – maybe I am just recounting stories. There is an underlying theme in all of this that I have been thinking a lot about lately. After talking about applications and more specifically applying yourself in the previous post, I figured perhaps I could carry forward with it on a similar word- Acceptance.

Without acceptance of my application- I would not be able to tell you that I am going to become a missionary. Without acceptance of my history and where I currently am in life, and without accepting my greeting- I would not be able to tell you I have a new best friend to share life with. Without acceptance as a funky teenager in middle school, without acceptance of sticking with me throughout my trials and tribulations, without acceptance of my helplessness and then being willing to help- I would not have gotten my van home nor had a vehicle to use during the decision making process. Without accepting that I was doing my best to keep things civil with a total stranger that managed a parking lot- I would not have had a van to get home, it would have been impounded. Without accepting God back into my life- I would not be sitting here typing this freely, much more feeling so fired up for life.

We’ve looked back at where I have been this last few weeks, even squinted at the caboose of my childhood and teenage years. We see why I want to give so much thanks to God for it… what about the other half of Thanks-Giving?

We look to where the tracks lay ahead. I implore you to subscribe to my blog and follow my Facebook Page. I will be sharing the future with you very soon!

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