Clean Cut

For many years now, I have been cutting my own hair. I bought a pair of high quality clippers and went straight to the no guard buzz cut as a regular thing for me.

Despite a handful of people telling me to grow it out, it is still hard to believe that I haven’t gone back. Unfathomable how much I’ve saved in expenses of paying for a haircut.

Around the same time I started buzzing my own hair I also began doing a classic full wet shave. I had found a local handmade product line of shave soaps, oils and aftershaves. I invested in a restored double edged safety razor from 1969, bought a boars hair brush and an old mug from the thrift shop.

In college I used to joke that I had one of the closest shaves on campus. Smooth like a baby’s bum. Joking aside, I likely was getting one of the finest shaves around. Also relevant is that a baby does in fact have hair on their butt.

I know this because I wrote a research essay in college about, you guessed it, hair. The topic turned out to be much hairier than I had originally thought. I trimmed it down to what I could manage for the sake of the essay deadline. If you’re interested in reading the hilarious albeit unfinished/unpolished piece- I can try to dig it up.

In the end, the little things I’ve learned from it have gelled with me and they come out in situations like the aforementioned baby’s butt hair.

Joking aside, I have been often asked about my choice in haircut and it has some more serious tones to it than most expect. Particularly, I once had an issue with pulling my hair out during anxiety attacks. But further, I was doing what I can to let go of my past.

You see, hair has a unique quality in it being a record keeper of your body. Each layer of growth in your hair follicles tell a story about the condition of your body at the time, even leaving traces of what was in your body. This is how, though not highly regarded, you can be drug tested by giving a hair sample.

Spiritually your hair has relevance as well and it again is regarded as part of your record keeping. People are known to shave their heads in mourning which relates to the release of the history.

The topic of hair all twists and braids together, far more intricacies than I can explain in a reasonably length blog post. I can, though, continue to pin as many puns into this post as possible. They’re getting rather tattered though I imagine, many of them dead ends

Regardless of how much I joke about hair, the serious things related can have some deep meaningful thoughts behind them. Most however are probably considered trivial.

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