Applications are prevalent in the world today. Last week, I officially applied to participate in the Youth With A Mission: Discipleship Training School – Building Hope course. I have also submitted applications for another couple of jobs. In my day-to-day life lately, I have been thinking about other things that we apply ourselves to. Initially, I imagine, the thought that most people have when hearing “apply”, or words related, is probably around the definition related to making an appeal or request. Such as the aforementioned applying for jobs, you are making an appeal to why you should be given the position you are requesting.

But there is much more in the definition of a “apply”. In particular “to employ diligently [or] with close attention” ( From my perspective, this definition should be more considered in today’s world. I cannot teach without teaching myself as well, so please do not think of me being a hypocrite here. I have no problem admitting that there was a time in my life where I was not applying myself to anything.

Let’s break down this definition a little bit. To employ something, or utilizing something, is what we do every day with our phones. I love the word diligently in here because it offers greatness in activity, effort and determination. Last, but certainly not least, in the array is “with close attention”. The world today is so full of distractions left and right, up and down. It is safe to say that I was very distracted from writing and finishing this blog.

What does this bring us to then? Applying yourself to something like a job, is not necessarily about putting a request in. Instead, it is about engaging and employing your mind and body with effort, determination and focus toward what tasks you are responsible for. How often can we say we are applying ourselves?

It doesn’t even have to be at your workplace, it can carry into things you do at home. You can also pay close attention to a relationship or be fully engaged in volunteering. The list goes on but there remains one last question.

What are you applying yourself to?

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