Woes of Web Development

I often feel like explaining myself for things, when I really don’t need to. This is one of those moments. Nonetheless, for the sake of worthy and relevant content – I’m going to.

Timing is everything. You can especially use that saying in most technical situations. Whether it’s stage lighting in a venue, connecting a breaker in a new electrical board, or deploying assets online- you have to have your timing right or it could just be ugly. Tonight I have been working on migrating a website from an older server to a new system that’s more suitable for development. Before today, nearly all the rest of the domains have been managed accordingly. The lone website was the last holdout as it required a bit more finesse in the configuration and the client, albeit a good friend, is a bigger name that we wanted zero hiccups with.

Alas, after a bit of scheduling and preparation I was ready to roll it over. Like most experienced web developers, late night work hours are/were common. Generally speaking, unless in the adult industry, the slowest traffic and activity times related to websites and email services are in the wee hours of the day. You’re less likely to disrupt communication if you make changes when it’s slowest. As I have been saying, timing is everything.

Tonight I opted for a bit early in the night (11pm) but still a night time roll over. When I was in high school and college, I would’ve had no problems waiting until the optimal 3-4am time frame. It’s also worth clarifying something I said earlier. Late hours are/were common… key being that they were common before reliable automation became more available. I am not opposed to running things on an un-monitored scheduled process but I prefer to do it the old fashioned way where I’m most familiar and I can fix issues on the moment. This practice is still common though in bigger companies, where you will have 24/7 techs available for incidents- I’m talking about Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, GoDaddy and the likes.

For me tonight, especially considering the client, I wanted to make sure things were all clear and seamless. Unfortunately, the information highway gate keepers were not in my favor tonight. I was sitting back waiting on the changes to propagate so that I could finalize a few details, when I lost internet connection. Of course I begin doing some troubleshooting and find nothing of issue in the house. After accessing my home ISP account via my cellular network, sure enough, I found that they were having a known broad spread service outage.

I am even still without service as I write post via my phone. Even worse, I still haven’t been able to finish the process of moving the website. Thankfully it’s at a point it can wait. Whether it should is debatable. It will have to though.

You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. I’ll lay it out for you. There is a lot of good reasoning behind why I’m not a full-time web developer taking on new clients. Instead I have turned to the world of gainful employment by working jobs that involve working with my hands. Working outside, getting dirty, feeling like I am really making a difference on the world around me. I love it, and I believe it has been far healthier for me to be out in the world around me doing hands-on work than being cooped up somewhere tapping away on a keyboard.

So, for full disclosure – I burnt myself out sitting behind a computer screen most hours of the day, only to constantly struggle to keep up on the cutting edge of technology changes. I got tired of trying to have a social life when my hours were far from 9-5 or even in the daylight… usually I slept all day.

Yes, here I am, still continuing on the work I started. Though, I have slowed down significantly since I started this in junior high. I am not taking on any new work unless one-off voluntary stuff. You might be able to pay me enough, because of course everyone has a number.

The point is though, I really enjoy the work and things I do now. I get to see first hand the impact it makes on people’s lives. That’s important to me, being able to serve where I can see it makes a difference. Even if it is in the background, I can see what I am doing is helping others.

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