The Little Boulder Stepping Stones

I hope to keep this blog short and sweet. Especially since I just got home from working all day.

This evening I was blessed enough to be able to work for a Christian worship event. For those who don’t know a couple of key details about me; First and foremost, I am a firm believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Second, less important but relevant, I work for an event services company as a security guard.

Well, tonight while singing my heart out and doing my job, I kind of paused everything (in my mind) for a moment. I knew there were prayer partners nearby and I was getting nudged to go get prayer about my future. So I said yes and went to do just that… and God showed up enough to give me the chills.

I simply told the woman I’m in the beginning stages of pursuing full-time mission work. After the prayer she said she had a vision of looking out into a big open sea of water and God putting little boulders or stepping stones in my path. them popping up one by one and I just have to say yes to taking the step and trust God will provide the next one. Obviously I explained to her the big moment that I realized that I was being called into missions. (read: Mission Tijuana 2018: Looking Forward- Into The Unknown for that)

Taking a moment to pause and pray with a stranger, reaffirmed that I’m saying yes to the right things… that this lofty goal is not only poor but it is what I’m supposed to do.

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