The Silent Resurrection Of A Giant

Greetings Earthlings,

As the title says, you are about to witness the resurrection of a giant. I said it will be silent, however, due to the fact that I will not be publicizing this blog much just yet. I want to continue to build content in the background slowly before I start making splashes with it.

I have several amazing things in store for this site and I am truly excited to be able to share them with you. To say they are going to be life changing is barely scratching the surface. I will let you savor on that for the time being.

While you are here, feel free to look around (though at the time of this post there is not a whole lot of action happening). If you have an RSS reader – please subscribe! I also intend to create an email list in the near future.

Thank you all for being so supportive of this, especially those who have helped me in the background as moral support and even testing the site. I am very grateful.

Until next time,
Jay Frye
THE Eccentric One

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