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My name is Jayson Frye but most people know me as Jay, and some of my old friends still call me Ace. One of the ways that you may find that I identify myself is “wx3jpf” which is my amateur radio call sign. Finally in the list of notable identities, I am the owner and operator of a small web and IT services firm called Pasta Studios.


I have grown through and experienced many things during my few wonderful years, so far, here on planet Earth. A handful of things stand out the most from my portfolio. To begin, what you see here is a tiny portion of the hundreds of web pages I’ve developed over most of my life spent on computers. My expertise has allowed me to develop websites and serve as a consultant in the information technology industry as a professional freelancer for nearly 15 years. In a more active part of life, I have enjoyed serving my community as a personal security professional and first aid medical provider. I continually pursue education, training, and experience in the public safety industry so that I may better serve those in my life and the world around me.


I am an Iowa native that was raised with a country spirit in the city life. I grew up just outside the capital city of Des Moines, but as soon as I turned 18- I moved to Chicago. Over the next several years I spent time living between Des Moines area, Cedar Rapids, and Chicago. About 5 years ago, I found myself settled back in my hometown, that has now become a thriving city, and have lived here since.


I was brought into the world during a late spring thunderstorm with a clap of thunder. The world has never been the same since, which was probably why I was raised an atypical 90s child. As a young teenager I had earned my high school diploma but I did not go to college until my early 20s.


Occasionally when I’m asked “why?” I will retort with a not-so-simple “why not?”.