Jay Frye
Jay Frye on 25/10/2018 with the Downtown Des Moines skyline

Howdy folks!

First, let me say, welcome to the home of my personal blog and website. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jayson Frye, but most people know me as Jay. I have been involved in every aspect of the world wide web since junior high school, I currently operate a small media creative firm called Pasta Studios. You will hardly see my work on the surface anymore, as the majority of what I do now is back-end services. My skills are far from limited to being a web guru. Over the years I have held many titles either as a paid employee or volunteer. Some have called me a “Jay-of-all-trades” because my experience covers a large spectrum of things. Encompassing these is probably easiest with 3 words- techie, handyman, & liaison. Right now in my life I am employed as a private security guard for a major corporation, I am an IT administrator for a few businesses and non-profit organizations, and this April 2019 I will begin as a full-time college student studying to become a full-time missionary. 

My Roots To Today

I grew up in a Christian home, church, and attended a private Christian academy. I grew up often telling people I wanted to be a missionary. At an early age I was introduced to the world of electronics and computers. I quickly developed skills on my own by designing and managing websites and social networking profiles (woe, are the early days of MySpace). I was able to graduate early from high school and continued to pursue my interests in the web development industry. This lasted for several years before I burned myself trying to stay on the leading edge. I also began turning my life away from God, and lived a lifestyle that was not honoring my roots. After years of experience in life unfulfilled, I attended college briefly to study to become a mental health therapist and counselor. It turns out that I was the one that really needed to be seeing someone about my problems. In and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices for countless reasons, I finally had a breakthrough. I was beginning to feel again and was able to acknowledge the tugging in my heart to turn my life back to God. That turnaround started around 3 years ago for me and I am taking one day at a time in battle. But God has blessed my life with so many things it’s unfathomable to be able to explain it all. I can only hope to share some of it with you through this blog. Since I finding sobriety, stability, and happiness- I have been involved with many of the things going on at my church. This included taking a mission trip to Tijuana, where I realized my lifelong dream was coming to fruition. I also found a few other non-profit organizations to share my gifts with. I am currently enrolled in a missions college in the pursuit of a lifetime of doing missions.

To Be Continued…

(My life will always be a work in progress)