Jay Frye
Jay Frye on 25/10/2018 with the Downtown Des Moines skyline

Howdy Folks!

First, let me say, welcome to the eccentric one blog. When I first read the word “eccentric” I knew it was me and have since called myself the eccentric one. Oh! Allow me to introduce myself, I tend to be late at that… My name is Jayson Frye, but most of my friends call me Jay. I have been involved in every aspect of the world wide web since junior high school, I currently operate a small media creative firm called Pasta Studios. You will hardly see my work on the surface anymore, as the majority of what I do now is back-end services. My skills are far from limited to being a web guru. Over the years I have held many titles either as a paid employee or volunteer. Some have called me a “Jay-of-all-trades” because my experience covers a large spectrum of things. Encompassing these is probably easiest with 3 words- techie, handyman, & liaison. Right now in my life I am employed as a private security guard for a major corporation, and this April 2019 I will begin as a full-time student studying to become a full-time missionary. 

My Roots To Today

I grew up in a Christian home, church, and attended a private Christian academy. I grew up often telling people I wanted to be a missionary. At an early age I was introduced to the world of electronics and computers. I quickly developed skills on my own by designing and managing websites and social networking profiles (woe, are the early days of MySpace). I was able to graduate early from high school and continued to pursue my interests in the web development industry. This lasted for several years before I burned myself trying to stay on the leading edge. I also began turning my life away from God, and lived a lifestyle that was not honoring my roots. After years of experience in life unfulfilled, I attended college briefly to study to become a mental health therapist and counselor. It turns out that I was the one that really needed to be seeing someone about my problems. In and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices for countless reasons, I  finally had a break through. I was beginning to feel again and was able to acknowledge the tugging in my heart to turn my life back to God. That turnaround started around 3 years ago for me and I am taking one day at a time in battle. But he has blessed my life with so many things it’s unfathomable to be able to explain it all. I can only hope to share it all with you through this blog. Since I finding sobriety, stability, and happiness- I have been involved with many of the things going on at my church. This included taking a mission trip to Tijuana, where I realized my lifelong dream was coming to fruition. I applied for and I recently got accepted into a missions college in the pursuit of a lifetime of doing missions.

(This page will always be a work in progress,
to be continued…)

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