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Howdy Folks, First, let me say, welcome to the eccentric one blog. When I first read the word “eccentric” I knew it was me and have since called myself the eccentric one. Oh! Allow me to introduce myself, I tend to be late at that… My name is Jayson Frye, but most of my friends call me Jay. I have been involved in every aspect of the world wide web since junior high school, I currently operate a small media creative firm called Pasta Studios. You will hardly see my work on the surface anymore, as the majority of what I do now is back-end services. My skills are far from limited to being a web guru. Over the years I have held many titles either as a paid employee or volunteer. Some have called me a “Jay-of-all-trades” because my experience covers a large spectrum of things. Encompassing these is probably easiest with 3 words- techie, handyman, & liaison.

(This is still a work in progress to be continued…)

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