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Applications are prevalent in the world today. Last week, I officially applied to participate in the Youth With A Mission: Discipleship Training School – Building Hope course. ( continue reading… )

Quick Update 2018/10/08

Hi all.

I haven’t neglected my blog nor forgotten to make a post. There has been work behind-the-scenes here and even a few surface changes. Meanwhile, I have been musing on the next blog topic for a few days.

If I didn’t feel like my head was a bowling ball being jack-hammered, then I would be writing that post now. I have been pretty busy lately working myself sick. I imagine there will be a great post in the near future when I start to get healthy and a few other updates to things will come along with it.

Love you all.

The Little Boulder Stepping Stones

I hope to keep this blog short and sweet. Especially since I just got home from working all day.

This evening I was blessed enough to be able to work for a Christian worship event. For those who don’t know a couple of key details about me; First and foremost, I am a firm believer in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Second, less important but relevant, I work for an event services company as a security guard. ( continue reading… )